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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  September 9, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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rittenhouse. .... the only man alive connected to an east bay killing spree is free this morning. we investigate why a judge let him go. and the church at the center of a koran burning controversy suffers a setback. now the pastor claims his first amendment rights are being violated. good thursday morning, everyone. i'm garvin thomas in for brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. rob mayeda has a first look at the forecast. got out of bed, a little cool. >> kind of chilly. you might want to keep that blanket nearby. in the east bay, 58.
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in oakland, not much wind, plenty chilly outside. some of the temperatures this morning dipping into the upper 40s getting out towards fairfield, by 8:00 we should see 50s across the board. lunch timepe temratures still cool. border line t-shirt weather today with 70s popping up. the weekend ahead, we start to warm up finally 70s and 80s inland, and 60s out on the coast. >> got to love it. >> let's check the commute with mike. >> light volume of traffic now, we have an issue for the east bay, southbound 880 at oak street from oak street down to 23rd, overnight repay work went on. emergency closure for three lanes heading down through oakland. that was scheduled to pick up at 4:00 a.m. it's been extended by 5:00. i'm worried this will bleed over to 5:30 when we see slowing moving through downtown. again, that sig-alert because of the emergency closure, three lanes closed through downtown
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oakland. we'll follow this coming up. charles rittenhouse is out on bail this morning. he was arrested in his home when his wife and her best friend were found dead. they were two of four victims in an east bay killing spree. police say he's still a person of interest, but his attorney says those bodies were planted in his home. nbc bay area's jean elie has information that may support that claim. >> 72-year-old charles rittenhouse is out of jail but remains under suspicion. a judge lowered his bail from $2 million to $25,000 after prosecutors revealed they don't have evidence to charge him with the murders of his wife, rita allen, and her friend, carol smart. police found the women's bodies inside the vallejo home he shared with his wife last tuesday. his attorney maintains someone planted the bodies in the home while rithenhouse was at work tuesday. a private investigator hired by
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joe smart to look into his wife's disappearance says he met with rittenhouse inside the home last monday night. he supports his claim the bodies were not there. rittenhouse's attorney says he did not kill the women. >> very pleased. this man has been through a lot. his wife was murdered. he's been in custody for over a week. >> reporter: police arrested rittenhouse after finding a slew of explosive materials at the upland court home. rittenhouse is facing explosives charges. vallejo police say he is still a person of interest in the double homicide case. according to court documents, investigators found one of the women's bodies in a bag in a back bedroom closet. the other was under some bushes in the backyard. prosecutors say efren valdemoro is a suspect in the case. chp officers shot and killed valdemoro after a high-speed chase in the east bay. police believe he killed at least two other people. >> it certainly seems like he was involved. he had been stalking my client and his wife for a number of years.
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>> reporter: police say valdemoro rented a room from rittenhouse but over the past few years was not a welcome guest. written house rittenhouse is ou jail, but authorities believe finding all those explosives in his house that he is a threat to people. police and searchers are searching the landfill for frederick sales. investigators believe efren valdemoro killed sales when he murdered his father. a tip led them to search for the body in the keller canyon landfill. it looked like the scene of a demolition derby. incredibly enough, no one died in this crash in oakland. a truck driver hauling dirt says he tried to stop, but that his brakes failed. >> i don't know what was going through my head except trying to
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stop my truck. the only thing i could think of is seeing all these peoples faces in their cars scared the life out of me. >> four people were taken to the hospital including a mother and her two young kids. 13 vehicles were involved including that truck. it all happened around 4:30 on macarthur boulevard off-ramp in oakland. everyone was clearly shaken up. >> and then i looked in my rearview mirror and cars being piled up onto each other. i just kind of like scooted forward a little bit and got hit on the side. and my car's -- it's okay. it's not quite fine. >> no word from oakland police if the brakes did, in fact, fail or speed was a factor. a peninsula community is standing up for a man who stood up for them. >> we are gathered here today, those that love david, those
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that love peace, and those that want to see justice done. >> dozens gathered in a parking garage at san mateo's mall where david lewis was gunned down back in june. friends and loved ones want to keep the community focused on solving this case. lewis was known for co-founding free at last, an organization that supports prisoner rehabilitation and fights substance abuse. >> we've actually had some promising leads, only to see them dissolve as we're able to put time and place and other evidence together that the leads we had did not pan out. >> the state is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of lewis' killer. you can make some cold hard cash for helping find some heavy metal. the front man from an east bay band is offering a reward. someone broke into his martinez home and ripped off four guitars.
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one of which was given to him by a metal pioneer. now that grammy nominee is desperate to get that guitar back. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd has more. >> i was coming back from picking my boy up from school. and that was about 3:00. we walked in here. and he turned to me and said hey, dad, why is the front door open? >> reporter: confused and in shock, east bay homegrown guitarist rob flint is the victim of a burglary. >> i looked over and i saw a tool set in front of my tv. and my tv was out. i was, like, what is going on? like someone's working on the house? >> reporter: he just moved into this home located in the suburbs of martinez four months ago, taking a break from touring, now he has been hit hard with a break-in. >> they hit us hard. i had four guitars stolen. i had both of our laptops, i had my grammy medal stolen. >> reporter: flynn earned a grammy nomination for his band machinehead for the 2007 release "the blackening." he believes whoever did this knew what was inside his home. one was a mini-guitar he gave to
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his eldest son. the other, the one he wrote songs and toured with back in 1994. >> the other one was a washburn dymbolt that was given to me by the late dimebag darrell. this guitar was incredibly sentimental. >> reporter: he says one neighbor saw a couple of suspicious cars in the neighborhood. >> we have one tip from the corner here, a green/teal american-made pickup truck that drove very slowly up around the corner, came back, drove very slowly. >> reporter: flynn is hoping that a tip and fingerprints taken from two remaining guitars leads to an arrest. he is offering a reward for each guitar. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. time is 4:38. time to check the commute with mike. some more construction in the east bay. >> yeah this is not a sig-alert but a full closure, this happens almost every week night, southbound 880 at the 92 interchange. folks will be routed off the
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freeway headed down towards tennison. also if you are heading over on westbound 92, from 880, you are off at hesperian. no major issues now, but we will follow this. that construction down through oakland still an issue for southbound lanes, though two lanes are open past 23rd. >> thank you very much. certainly cooler out there. >> yeah. we have 40s outside. i know it's september, but, boy, this is chilly for this time of year, especially the north bay where we will bottom out in the 40s. still a sea breeze coming in, which is good news for air quality, but also keeping the temperatures down in the inland valleys. inland, 60s to mid 70s. getting closer to the weekend, starting friday afternoon, you will see those temperatures starting to climb inland, as this trough which brought us drizzle and light rain yesterday heads off to the east. you will see the transition starting today in terms of
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sunshine, but temperatures not warming up at all. highs today mid 70s. seven-day forecast heading into the weekend, inland spots, finally starting to warm up, 80s coming back moving into the weekend. >> thanks. 4:40 is the time. so you think you can snack your way to weight loss? think again. a story for your health coming up after the break. and is it a cool new tool to ig b time or tig br brother from google? we investigate coming up.
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4:42 is the time. thank you very much for joining us this wednesday morning. a live look at the bay bridge early today. rob's forecast coming up in just about five minutes. you won't want to miss it. for many snack time is become the new meal time. while some say it's the best way to lose weight, others credit the trend to hectic lifestyle. whatever the reason, bob hanson says the fast food giants are noticing. >> reporter: a hot dog in the afternoon. is it a meal or is it a snack? today snacking is as popular as ever. >> i think snacking can be a healthy trend if used correctly. >> reporter: scripps mercy dietitian diane leperelli says snacking is a way to lose weight. >> you need to plan snacks as importantly as you plan meals. >> reporter: that means keeping the calories down, but snacking is not always about losing
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weight. sometimes it's about losing time. >> they don't have the time to prepare at home for the snacks they need during the day. >> reporter: the fast food restaurants are picking up on this. seeing sales go up in the afternoon, snack time. so what do people choose for their favorite snacks? >> if i'm hungry and i want a snack, i'll generally eat a bowl of cereal or protein shake. >> usually go for fruit juice. >> normally apple banana, but realistic cheese-its or something. >> whatever is in the fridge. >> trail mix. >> grapes. my indulgent snack would probably be pretzel s or cheeto. >> reporter: that may be enough to satisfy a craving but not most diet plans. while there are lower-priced smaller-portioned snacks, dietitians are quick to point out -- >> french fries will never be
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healthy. >> to give you perspective on how fast the snacking trend is growing. in 2008, 56% of americans eighty-three or more snacks a day. in 2002 42% snacked daily in 1978 11% did. the search is on this morning for an arsonist in sunnyvale. someone has set at least 15 fires since spring, many of them near south fair oaks avenue and valley park. sunnyvale police released a new picture of the suspect. they went door to door yesterday to hand out flyers with the suspect's sketch on it. george kiriyama has more. >> reporter: when shelly moved into her sunnyvale home on the july 4th weekend, she had no idea a few days later she would be in for a fiery surprise. >> when we came out it was smelling like burnt plastic. the car was burnt badly. >> reporter: she says someone
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set her two trees and a bush on fire. firefighters say this is one of 15 fires set by someone since may. nine fires happened last wednesday. >> i don't know who done this. >> reporter:witnessed one of the fires last week. he came home from work and was eating dinner. >> i looked out through the window. >> reporter: the arsonist has been targeting cars, dumpsters, piles of trash and then lighting them up. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. 2,000 pot plants are out of an east bay park and won't be making their way on to your streets. on wednesday they found the illegal crop in a remote park of
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the park. park police spotted the plants by helicopter three weeks ago and moved in. they arrested one man, but a second one escaped. >> worst-case scenario this could be a mexican drug cartel operation. it's hard to say at this point. we'll have to see what information we can get from the suspect. apparently he does not speak english. so we have a spanish-speaking officer with him at this point. >> the camp is described as fairly complex, set up with tents, food, a pump which drew water from a spring located nearby. a senior aide to california senator barbara boxer is out of a job this morning and facing drug charges for carrying pot. marcus stanley was arrested in d.c. yesterday, cops say he tried to hide a bag of marijuana during a security screening into the hart senate office building. searching faster and smarter. starting today, you can logon to google and use something called
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instant search. scott budman shows us what it is and why it makes some people so uncomfortable. >> reporter: on the off-chance you find your search engine too slow, google wants to make it faster for you. you bring up the google home page, and it will know, or at least guess, what when i type in "w," i'm looking for weather or maybe walmart or wikipedia. google calls it predictive search. two letters away and it knows i'm looking for the oakland raiders. this is convenient but some will criticize google and say this is bought and sold. for instance, when i type in "a" i get amazon as the first search result. when i type in "b," i get bank of america. when i type in "t," i get target. so does that mean that some of these results are paid for? well, google isn't saying. what it is saying is that it thinks it can cut anywhere from two to five seconds off every search query you put into the web.
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take that over a full day or even a full month of searches, and google says it's actually going to save you time. who knows, but you can give it a try. i'm scott budman, nbc bay area news. worries over air pollution prompted state officials to install some sophisticated equipment in a south bay park. an air quality monitoring station is the latest edition to mon monta vista park in cupertino. residents and city leaders are concerned about a cement plant located two miles away, this in spite of earlier air tests. >> neither of those provide anything of concern, however the community and the city of cupertino were concerned that there may be things we had not measured for or additional risks that were not being accounted for by the monitoring that we had done previously so we placed this
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trailer to get a full spectrum of everything we can measure. >> the equipment cannot determine the source of compounds that are measured but the results will be compared with 31 other bay area monitoring stations. >> cool off, warm up, a bit of everything. >> fans of all type of weather had everything to cheer about yesterday. we had drizzle, some areas of rain, and cool temperatures around the bay area. just talked about air quality. today, thanks to the good sea breeze, no problems with air quality today. healthy levels, ground level ozone around the bay area. san francisco, you have the west wind at 13 miles per hour. 58 degrees. taking you into san jose, 59. a south wind at 3. into oakland, east bay, 58. the wind currently light. though i do think those winds will pick up around oakland about 10, 15 miles per hour by lunch time. some of the weather headlines today, a chilly start. north bay locations seeing mid 40s this morning. for the afternoon, a few more 70s. as we head towards the start of the weekend, inland valleys, out
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towards the tri valley, warming up. satellite view, you can see the system that brought the spotty areas of light rain yesterday, now moving off to the east. behind it, high pressure building in. today kind of a transition day, out of this cool pattern and fall-like weather pattern into one that's warmer towards the weekend. today, 50s and 60s out along the coast, mid to upper 70s inland. as high pressure builds in, we should see some 80s coming our way by tomorrow afternoon, mid 80s at the warmest on saturday, cooling off some approaching sunday and monday. heading up to the sierra today, some leftover showers, the sierra weekend plans, temperatures warming up, upper 60s around saturday. san jose, low clouds and some drizzle for this morning. oakland, 68.
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74, san ramon. fairfield, 76. for the north bay, highs in the 60s and 70s. your seven-day forecast moving into the weekend, finally looking more september-like. 80s inland and 60s out on the coast. >> thank you very much. we see a lot of construction out there early in the morning. >> this is an emergency repair work and a sig-alert as well. a sig-alert is something that's not planned ahead of time but will impact traffic for over a half hour. this has been going on overnight. three lanes are closed southbound 880 from oak street down to 23rd, restricting traffic to two lanes. able to get by so far because of the light traffic. this may be extended until 5:00 a.m. it was originally supposed to pick up at 4:00. hopefully this will pick up in the next ten minutes. we'll get a live look south of there at the coliseum. you'll see the traffic flowing
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past the scene, an easy flow. southbound here. northbound past high street, no problems past the coliseum and no game tonight. don't expect extra a's traffic. livermore yesterday, big problems. today, smiley face. no problems now. folks are gun shy through the area, so i'll keep my eyes carefully on 580. back to you. >> thank you very much. the giants wake up in san diego this morning to start a critical four game series against the padres. bruce bocci's team are two games out of the nl west. while the giants were falling, the padres were pounding the dodgers who continued to disappoint. san diego finished off a sweep of l.a. with a 4-1 win. today is like christmas for football fans across the country. the opening weekend of the
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season kicks off this season at 5:00. the world champion saints will get things started against brett favre and the vikings. you can see that game right here on nbc bay area. the pre-game show starts at 4:30. now, you may have guessed, because of the game we will not have a newscast tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. animal experts say mesmerizing lion attack caught on video in vegas was just a warning. montana newlyweds on their honeymoon were capturing the big chat when he turned on its trainer. one animal expert who saw the video said the cat lunged because the trainer looked nervous so the animal asserted its dominance. the couple who filmed it say either way, it was sudden. >> earlier drew said he was cleaning the lion a bit, picking some hair off of him. just taking care of him. it don't seem like he was provoking him at all.
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>> the trainer escaped through a door at the bottom of the exhibit. he needed stitches but was otherwise unhurt. mgm says that exhibit will stay. back to school can weigh on your child's mind and muscle. kris sanchez reports backpacks can be a real drag on the body. >> reporter: like many students, these sisters will be headed back to school soon, but their father will be keeping a close eye on how they carry their school supplies. >> this is a backpack that is perfectly worn. >> cannot only cause back pain, but midback pain, shoulder pain. >> reporter: other problems, leg pain and in the most serious cases, disc degeneration.
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backpacks can also make worse underlying problems that need to be treated. >> whenever you have a prolonged protracted pain, it's something more significant other than just backpack use. >> reporter: the doctor says usually pain can be treated by reducing the weight and wearing backpacks correctly. straps should be worn on both shoulders to spread the weight evenly. they should be padded two inches wide and fit snuggly. >> it should be exactly worn as such. but it's way low. >> reporter: this is an example of what not to do. the backpack should not hang below the child's lower back. the doctor says the best option is this. pull your stuff in a backpack with wheels. kris sanchez, bay area news. how much would you pay to improve your game? os t ahead, the mostsi basketball shoes on the market and what they're supposed to do.
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. five days of futility and now a sixth day of searching. sifting for clues in an east bay murder mystery. could the answer police need be somewhere in this landfill? it's back to school time, but what do you do if you can't afford all of your child's school supplies? one group in alameda county has some answers. i'm christie smith, we'll tell you what they're doing coming up in a live report. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm garvin thomas. brent has the morning off. a full day


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